Each year the Ministry of Defence (MOD) spends around £16 billion and places approximately 26,000 new contracts for a  wide range of goods and services to equip and support the Armed Forces.

Will the MOD want what my company produces?

It's not just fast jets, aircraft carriers and high tech weaponry that are required.

There is an established need for everyday items to sustain our service men and women in barracks and on operations, as well as a desire to improve our military capability through the innovative adaptation of all types of product.

Is my company big enough to supply the MOD?

You don't necessarily need to be a big organisation to supply the Armed Forces. The MOD recognises that small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can be agile, flexible and innovative, and therefore able to respond to rapidly changing military needs and offer real Value for Money.  Consequently SMEs are as equally valued as the large, established defence companies.

Where do I start?

The MOD acknowledges that approaching the Defence market place can seem a daunting task and has developed its procurement policy to allow efficient and innovative SMEs to operate and thrive within it.